Parenting Road Map, Building Legacy

Parenting Road Map 1

Parenting Road Map, Building Legacy

This is a two session course that gives a quick overview of parenting, from Pregnancy to Grand Parenting. The Roadmap recommends to divide the entire parenting journey into ten stages. And highlight the foundations that children needs at each of these ten stages that serve as cantilever for our children’s growth.


Stage 1—Parent Dedication 0-4 Years Old

  • Consecration
  • Commitment


Stage 2—Personal Faith Discipleship 5-7 Years Old

  • Salvation
  • Discipleship of Jesus


Stage 3—Family Faith Discipleship 8-9 Years Old

  • Family Altar Time
  • Family Service Projects


Stage 4—Preparation For Adulthood 10-12 Years Old

  • Purity
  • Purpose
  • Passage


Stage 5—Identity Formation Part One 13-14 Years Old

  • Sexuality
  • Stewardship
  • Spirituality


Stage 6— Identity Formation Part Two 15-17 Years Old

  • Nature of God
  • Nature of Man
  • Nature of Truth


Stage 7— Passage to Adulthood 18-21 Years Old

  • College
  • Career
  • Calling


Stage 8— Parenting Young Adults

  • Prophetic Generation
  • Marketplace Invasion
  • Worldview Awareness


Stage 9— Parenting Older Adults

  • Transition to Friend
  • Transition to Mentor
  • Transition to Leisure


Stage 10— Grand Parenting

  • Power of 3 Generations
  • Growth in Family
  • Loss in Family
  • Generational Transfer


Methodology—Two sessions of 3 hours each via Zoom. Trainer will use Socratic style of teaching. Participants can look forward to active interactions through questions and answers.

Course Facilitator: Mrs Dorcas Li

Course Fee—$80 per family/individual. Course includes  Notes and Teaching Stack.

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