Growing Kids God’s Way
No matter where you are in the journey of parenting, this core curriculum lays the groundwork for your parenting. This programme is designed to take parents through the process of building a loving family unit by raising morally responsible children. It is a practical guide to transforming the heart of your child (3-12 years old) using God’s truth.
The BEST thing that has come out of this course for us is that it has changed us as individuals, and helped us grow and know God, and His heart for families. That is a real blessing and privilege.
Edmund and Sim Wee

Course Objectives

  • Offers a practical side to implementing God’s truth in your parenting journey
  • Helps your child gain personal self-control
  • Focuses on changing the heart of your child, not simply modifying his or her outward behaviour

Course Materials

  • GKGW DVDs and Workbook
  • 如何教养孩子品德 – 学员手册的教学DVD及辅助教材