Parenting Young Infants
As expectant parents, we often focus on the pregnancy, the mother's health and getting the nursery ready. One of the most important things you can do in preparation for the arrival of your baby is to develop parenting skills and ideas on how you would like to bring up your child. This 24-hour infant management programme will go a long way toward equipping you in the first few months of your child's life.
One of our church friends recommended this programme to us. When we adopted the teachings for our second child, we became confident parents. He followed a routine that enabled him to sleep well and drink well. In no time, he was gaining a healthy weight although he was a pre-mature baby
Su Fang and Watson

Course Objectives

  • Equip parents with the skills and know-how to handle the first few months of their child’s life
  • Teach parents how to develop a parent-directed approach to bringing up children

Course Materials

  • Preparation for Parenting Audio CDs, DVDs and Workbook
  • The Babyhood Transition DVDs and Workbook