Reaching the Heart of Teens
Living with a teenager may be challenging but it doesn’t have to be that way. This eight session course examines the factors that affect the parent-child relationship, giving practical advice on how parents can effectively parent their teens during these years of great changes. From a biblical perspective, it brings hope to families challenged by the pressure of living with a teen with practical steps that will help rebuild and maintain family harmony and a love that will last a lifetime.
We have two daughters who are 16 and 11. When they became teenagers, we had to switch to a different mode of parenting. Through this course, we learnt that a discipline structure is still important, but we had to also focus on building open communication with them. We also learnt to be more open to the children’s points of view and their feedback on our parenting style. This transition has proven to be worthwhile as we see our daughters maturing both spiritually and morally.
Vincent and Gi Gi