Workshop: Money Wealth and Children

What is the secret to producing wealth? How do we ensure that our assets and money last through the generations? How is money and wealth connected to God’s big plan for man? What was God’s design and purpose when he created families? What are the evidence we can glean from scriptures to provide clues as to how God’s blessings flows through the families?

Family is the pipeline of God’s blessings. That is why the warfare around family is often so very severe. Once you destroy or weaken the family unit, the pipeline of blessings and wealth will be cut.

This workshop provides a biblical perspective of the purpose of family and how wealth is built through the family. It will focus on:
[1] Secrets to Producing Wealth
[2] What is Lasting Wealth
[3] Building Blocks to Lasting Wealth
[4] Five Key Wealth Stewardship Skills to Equip Our Kids

This workshop is based on Dennis Peacocks’s book “Doing Business God’s Way” which is available for sale on GFI Store

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