Workshop: Guide to Your Children’s Calling

What does Finding Your calling mean?
Your ‘calling’ refers to your ‘vocation’ or life goal and passion. When you ‘find your calling’, you discover something that gives your life purpose and sense. Similar in meaning to ‘find your vocation’ and ‘follow your dreams’. This is a phrase you can hear in both social and professional contexts. God is a purposeful and intentional God. Everything that He creates was created for a purpose. Everything God creates has a destiny–an ultimate end goal that God has designed for. No one is an accident. From the time you are formed in your mother’s womb, God knows you and has designed you intentionally.

This workshop introduces a framework with which you can systematically discover yours and your children’s biblical calling. It empowers you to begin living with intentionality and to progress towards your God given purpose.

Workshop will cover what are some possible blockages to you finding your calling and what are the clues you can look-out for that can help you discover your calling.

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