GKGW 2023 Full Course

This core curriculum lays the groundwork for your parenting, no matter where you are in the process. This programme, previously known as Growing Kids God’s Way, is designed to take parents through the process of building a loving family unit by raising morally responsible children. The Middle Years program has been amalgamated into this course to form a 20 sessions course, divided into four modules.

Course Delivery: This updated GKGW takes you and your child through from Pre-school to Primary school (3 to 12 years old). Participants attend class once a week with other couples. Participants are expected to pre-read and prepare for each week’s lesson. During class the focus will be on case studies and group discussions. The learning methodology is Socratic. Each couple receives their course manuals and homework to complete.

MODULE 1 Foundations (Compulsory)

Session 1: How to Raise a Moral Child
Participants learn why we need to give our children a moral or practical reason why when we give them a directive.

Session 2: Right Beginnings
The importance of the husband-wife relationship is emphasised, as children need a secure atmosphere to grow up in. If you are a single parent, Gary & Anne Marie deal sensitively with the special issues that confront you.

Session 3: Touchpoints of Love
‘The Five Love Languages’ by Dr Gary Chapman are the key to this session. Do you know how to say, “I Love You” to your spouse and your children in their love language?

Session 4: The Father’s Mandate
Fathers are shown what their God given role is in the family. Eight non-negotiable imperatives for the father are identified.

Session 5: Your Child’s Conscience
How much do you understand about the conscience and how it works? Class members do a test to determine the state of their own conscience.

MODULE 2 Character Development

Session 1: Respect for Authority and Parents
A very practical lesson that covers such matters as honouring parents, respect for those who have authority, such as police, teachers etc.

Session 2: Respect for Age
Training children to honour and respect age is training them to honour God.
Whatever happened to Mr & Mrs? Teaching your children the “interrupt rule”.

Session 3: Respect for Peers, Property, and Nature
How to teach children to respect the dominion of others. The emphasis is not on the object but on showing respect for the person who owns the object.

Session 4: Parenting in the Digital Age (Middle Years Session 1)
• Parenthood Journey
• 5 Purposes of this Class
• What We Are Assuming
• 9 Transitions Between 8-12 years old
• Ideas Have Consequences
• Childhood Structure to Maturity
• Having An Adult Relationship with Your Middle Year Child
• Steps to Align Values
• Appeal Process

Session 5: Your Child’s Changing World (Middle Years Session 2)
• Relational Goal of Parenting
• 4 Phases of Parenting
• Building Family Identity
• Our Family Core Values
• Ubiquitous Assimilation

• Power of Community
• Elders at the Gates
• Spirit of Excellent
• Silent vs Moral Courage

• Seek First to Understand
• Empathic Listening
• Autobiographical Response
• Psychological Air
• Key to Influencing
• Nature of Communication
• Every Communications have Agenda
• Communication vs Coercion
• Intimacy & Change

MODULE 3 Discipline & Correction

Session 1: Principles of Obedience
When you give your child a command, do they respond with “yes Mum or yes Dad”? First time obedience is achievable. What is it like in your family?

Session 2: Discipline with Encouragement
Encouragement is a very important part of discipline. You will learn the difference between a reward and a bribe.

Session 3: Communication for Deeper Relationship (Middle Years Session 3)
• How to Be Pro-Active?
• Discipline Flow Chart
• Correction
• The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
• Punishment & Consequences
• Performance Focused vs Heart Focused
• 3 Hacks to Fix The Bad and The Ugly
• Case Studies

Session 4: Discipline with Correction
Learn the difference between “childishness” and “foolishness”. Also, under-punishing sets too low a value on the sin but over-punishing exasperates the child.

Session 5: Consequences and Punishment
Many parents fall into the cultural use of spanking instead of the biblical application. A child is robbed of dignity when parents use intimidation, threats, yelling, and other unbiblical forms of correction rather than biblical chastisement.

MODULE 4 Discipline & Empowerment

Session 1: Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration
Unfortunately, people often confuse regret with repentance. You cannot repent without regret, but you can regret without repentance.

Session 2: Discipline Issues (Part One)
We can allow our children too many choices that are not age appropriate. The result is that a child becomes “wise in their own eyes”.

Session 3: Discipline Issues (Part two)
We look at whining, lying, cheating, stealing, temper tantrums, micro-vs-macro rebellion, power struggles etc.

Session 4: Sexuality Education (Middle Years Session 4 Part 1)
• Trivium Technique
• Self-Touch
• Wet Dreams
• House Rules
• Four Areas of Consciousness

Session 5: Empowering to Go Digital (Middle Years Session 4 Part 2)
• Digital Institute
• DQ Framework
• ICT in Primary School Years
• ICT Usage
• Recommendations for Parents
• Common ICT Dangers & Trends
• 9 Ways to Respond to Cyberbullying
• Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone?

Col 3:21 says ‘Fathers, do not exasperate your children.’ This lesson shows you how you can fulfil this scriptural injunction.

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20 Sessions Sun 2.30-4.30pm Mar 5 to Apr 2 / Apr 30 to May 22 / Jul 9 toAug 6 / Sep 3 to Oct 1

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Full Course $900 per family $860 per individual

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