Workshop: Problem Solvers Workshop

The purpose and destiny to which God has called us requires that we cultivate the disposition and the skills needed to address and overcome obstacles, obstacles that block us from achieving success.

This workshop helps us to:
A. Become a Self-Conscious Problem Solver
1. Life on the Offence
2. Define Self-Conscious Problem Solver
3. Preparation and being Strategic
4. Mentality of a Problem Solver
5. Problems will Always be with us
6. Work First then Play—the danger
7. God’s Pattern of work and rest
8. Problems are Gifts
9. Being a student of problem solving
10. Relying on Holy Spirit
11. Root Causes of Problems
12. Personal Discipline
B. Become a Better Problem Solver
1. Strategic Living
2. Leadership Training
3. Biblical Worldview
4. Generational Transfer
5. Daily Reminders to Solve Problem
6. Greatest Leverage is Preparation
7. Don’t be Busy Body
8. Not to make serious decisions when tired
9. Ask for Help
10. Pray
C. Become a God Conscious Problem Solver
1. Dualism
2. Operate in Faith
3. Solving Problems with biblical worldview as reality
4. God Builds Generationally
5. “Status Quo” means to “Sink”
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