Workshop: Power of Money

This workshop reviews Jesus’s most famous words about money–You cannot serve God and money. So why not? Why couldn’t we just serve God and money each in their appropriate ways? Because money is just too powerful ! Jesus did not say not to serve money rather He says not to serve Mammon; with a capital ‘M’ . This means Mammon is not just money as in the medium of exchange but rather Mammon as in a person; a demonic being !

Overview of Workshop
[1] Why Jesus use the name Mammon?
(i) Demonic being
(ii)Has an agenda

[2] Why Jesus says we cannot serve God and money?

[3] 3 Characteristics of money that made it powerful

[4] Nature of Power

[5] Why do some people have more money?

[6] God pays for what HE orders

[7] Concept of Limits

[8] Eight Questions to Ask When We Run Into Money Problem

Cycle 1

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Tuesday 8.30-10.30pm Single Session Workshop

Online via Zoom Cloud Meeting

$50 per couple / $30 per individual (incl Zoom Recording & Slides)

Contact Person:
Priscilla Ng (9786 6288)