2024 Reaching Heart of Teens

This course is often an entry point for other parenting courses. The course looks at the many factors that make living with a teenager a blessing or a curse. From a biblical perspective this brings hope to families challenged by the pressure of living with a teen. Practical steps are offered to rebuild and maintain family harmony and a love to last a life time.

Course Delivery: Reaching the Heart of Your Teens course held over 6 sessions of 3 hours each. Parents are invited to do this together maybe with their teen. Participants attend class once a week with other families. Participants need to pre-read and prepare for each week’s lesson. During class the focus will be on case studies and group discussions. The learning methodology is Socratic. Each couple receives a course manual and homework to complete.

Session 1:
Lesson 1:
1] How Well Do You Know Your Teen
2] 3 Funnels
3] Four Phases of Parenting
4] 4 Major Components of Receiving Someone’s Heart
5] What is Teen Rebellion?
6] How to Fix Rebellion?
7] Characteristics of Families with Harmonious Teens

Lesson 2:
1] Moral Relational Approach
2] Parenting by Influence
3] Four Classes of Maturity
4] Moral Maturity
5] 7 Things that Build Credibility
6] Principles for Starting Over
7] Interdependent Model
8] Integrity of Our Parenting

Session 2:
Lesson 3:
1] What is love?
2] Learning how to Love
3] Six Touchpoints of Love
4] Case Studies

Lesson 4:
1] From Authority to Influence
2] Understanding Authority
3] The Moral Reason Why
4] Understanding the Importance of Context
5] Childhood Structure to Maturity
6] Freedom vs Responsibility
7] The Moral Reason Why
8] Starting Point of Moral Training
9] Importance of Context
10] Motivation Behind the Behaviour
11] Relationship of Trust

Session 3:
Lesson 5:
1] Why Teens Don’t Talk
2] My Parents Don’t Talk to Me
• Shallow conversation, Shallow Relationships
3] My Parents Don’t Listen
• Seek to Understand First then to be Understood
• Empathic Listening
• Auto-biological Response
• Psychological Air
• Key to Influencing
• Four Essentials for Effective Communication
4] They Answer Before I Even Finish Talking
5] We Never Agree Anyway
6] There’s Nothing to Talk to Them About
• Seek to Understand First then to be Understood
• Empathic Listening

Lesson 6:
1] Why Teens Don’t Listen
2] My Parents Don’t Do What They Say
• Integrity
3] I have heard it so many times
4] My Parents are Sarcastic and Put Me Down
5] I know just as much as my mom and dad
6] My parents don’t expect me to listen
7] Nature of Communications to develop deep relationships
• Agenda in Communication
• Communication vs Coercion
• Achieving intimacy

Session 4:
Lesson 7:
1] Gen Z Digital Natives
2] DQ Institute
3] DQ Framework
4] ICT by Age Group
5] Is my Teen ready for a Smartphone?

Lesson 8:
1] What is Executive Functions
2] Activities to Develop Executive Functions
• Goal Setting, Planning & Monitoring
3] Tools for Self-Monitoring—Self Talk
4] Sports
5] Personal Devotion & Journaling
6] Music
7] Performances
8] Strategy Games & Logic Puzzles
9] Computer Games
10] Study Skills

Session 5:
Lesson 9:
1] How to Talk About Sexuality
2] Guidelines for Answering Questions
3] Trivium Technic for Sex Education
4] What to Communicate
5] Inappropriate Sex Ed
6] Goal of Sex Ed
7] Our Strategy
8] Courtship vs Dating
9] Courtship Rules

Lesson 10:
1] Trends—Polyamorous
2] Five Ways Tech Impacts Teens’ Sexuality and Increase Bullying
3] Ways to Response to Cyber Bullying
4] Same Sex Attraction (SSA)
5] How to talk to your children about SSA
6] When a loved one says, “I’m Gay”

Session 6:
Lesson 11:
1] Disciple with Encouragement
2] Discipline Flow Chart
3] What do parents do that encourage teens to do right?
4] Teenishness vs Foolishness
5] Four Areas of Consciousness
6] Five things we must give an account for when we see God
7] Case Study—Missing Handphone

Lesson 12:
1] Importance of Correction
2] Four Considerations to Decide on Punishment
3] Punishment vs Consequences
4] Case Studies

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Sat 9am-12noon Apr 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11, 18

Online via Zoom Cloud Meeting

$370 per family / $350 per individual

Contact Person:
Priscilla Ng (9786 6288)