2024 Parenting from The Tree of Life (FULL) & Life in the Middle Years (FULL)

Life Series cum Middle Years~ Four Modules – One Complete Series 

Module One: Life, Children and Relationships (TOL Chapters 1 to 6) 
Speaks to the relational components associated with healthy parenting. Because children tend to reflect the priorities and values of their home life, what is important to Mom and Dad will become important to their children, and will influence what each child becomes in the future.

Module Two: Life, Children and Character Development (TOL Chapters 7 to 12 cum Middle Years Chapters 1 to 2)
Covers critical components of character training and explains the guiding principles for raising children who are kind, courteous, respectful, cooperative, confident, and certainly well mannered. No child arrives at this level of moral distinctiveness if the home life from which he or she comes is not already conversant with such virtue. Part two is as much for parents as it is for children.

Module Three: Life, Children, Encouragement and Correction  (TOL Chapters 13 to 15 cum Middle Years Chapters 3 to 6)
Takes up the challenges associated with the correction side of training. Correction is not all about fixing undesirable or wayward behavior—parents must also pay attention to the preventative components of training that reduce the amount of correction needed in the first place. Proactively encouraging behaviors that help children stay on track and knowing how to properly correct children to put them back on track is the focus of Part Three.

Module Four: Life, Children, Sexuality, and Digital  (TOL Chapters 16 to 18 cum Middler Years Chapters 7 to 11)
The middle-years is one of the most amazing phases of childhood and unsuspicious time for parents. It is a season in which that son or daughter in your home is too old to be called a child, but too young to be labelled an adolescent. From a growth and developmental standpoint, the middle years is a period in which children begin the long process of metamorphosis—moving away from childhood dependencies, associations, and interests, and moving toward a self-reliance directed more and more by the beliefs and values of their home life.

For 2024, each module is covered over 4 sessions of 3 hours each via Zoom.

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4 Modules of 4 sessions each. Sat 3-6pm via Zoom Mar2~23 / Apr20~May11 (June hols break)/ Jul6~27 / Aug24~Sep21

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