Workshop: Toxic Friendships

Among teenagers, negative relationships are sometimes called ‘toxic friendships’. You might hear the people in them talked about as ‘frenemies’. So how do we protect our kids from such kind of friendships? What are the type of friendship that give life? And what are the key characteristics of peers that will become lifelong friends?
This workshop covers what you need to know about ‘Frenemies’ and ‘toxic friendships’. And framework for your kids to find true life giving friends. If you’re worried about the effect of toxic friendships on your child, there are things you can do to help.

Overview of Workshop:
[1] Making Friends
a) What are good friends?
b) Framework to choose friends
c) Widening Range of Friends
d) Know Their Friends
e) Role Model

[2] Dealing with Frenemies
a) Frenemies—What you need to know
b) Why Child is Keeping these Frenemies
c) Personal Identity
d) Changing Frenemies to Friends
e) Ending Frenemy Relationships
f) Bullies
g) Finding Like Minded Friends

[3] Toxic Friends
a) Definition
b) Internal vs External Influences
c) Four Factors That Reduces Bad Influences
d) Dealing with bad behaviours
e) What Not to Do

Cycle 1

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Thursday 8.30-10.30pm

Online via Zoom Cloud Meeting


Contact Person:
Priscilla Ng (9786 6288)