2024 Parenting from Tree of Life Module 4 (Chp 16~18) & Middle Years Chp 7~11

Life Series Module 4 ~ Tree of Life Chp 16~18 & Middle Years Chp 7~11

Module Four: Life, Children, Encouragement and Correction (8 Chapters covered over 4 Sessions of 3 hours each)
Takes up the challenges associated with the correction side of training. Correction is not all about fixing undesirable or wayward behavior—parents must also pay attention to the preventative components of training that reduce the amount of correction needed in the first place. Proactively encouraging behaviors that help children stay on track and knowing how to properly correct children to put them back on track is the focus of Module Four.

Life in the Middle Years: Challenges, Changes and Solutions  (Chapters 7 to 11)
One of the subtle challenges of middle-years parenting (comparatively speaking) is the deceptive appearance of calm. For most parents, having just come out of the busy training years associated with early childhood, and having not yet stepped into the fast-paced adolescence phase, the middle years almost seem like a rest stop. However, such appearances are deceiving. We equate the middle childhood years with the flow of a deep water stream. The surface will often look calm, but lying just below the calm is unharnessed energy waiting to be released. It is the smooth and calm of the water’s surface that can cause parents to accept the middle-years as a seemingly uneventful period of time in the journey of childhood—a time when Mum and Dad can relax and put things on cruise control. However, that would be a mistake! It is the energy of the unseen, lying just below the surface, which parents must be mindful of. Life in the Middle Years brings the needed knowledge and understanding that can help any parent make wise training decisions.

Module 4-4: Sexuality

Trivium Technique
Wet Dreams
House Rules
Four Areas of Consciousness

Module 4-5: Digital

Digital Institute
DQ Framework
ICT in Primary School Years
ICT Usage
Recommendations for Parents
Common ICT Dangers & Trends
9 Ways to Respond to Cyberbullying
Is My Child Ready for a Smartphone?

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